Ride it like you stole it.

Each SPENGA class starts with a heart-pumping cardiovascular spin workout. For twenty minutes, you’ll challenge your endurance, build heat and prepare the body for what’s to come. All spin sessions are fueled by upbeat DJ-inspired music, are low impact and adjustable to all levels. Track your progress and maximize caloric burn through the use of our Spin Power Training System.


No one ever drowned in sweat.

It’s time to focus on building strength, lean muscle and high calorie burn. Throughout 20 minutes of circuit-style HIIT strength training your heart rate remains elevated and you’re pushing your muscles toward exhaustion. Each SPENGA class utilizes one of several formats of HIIT training and a variety of strength training exercises ensuring no two workouts are ever the same.


Leave it all on the mat.

The body is hot and becoming fatigued. Your final push will focus on strength, flexibility and recovery. The SPENGA workout finishes with 20 minutes of revitalizing yoga. A combination of static, flowing and repetitive movements builds strength and increases body awareness to improve alignment, posture and joint stability. Yoga ends with deep flexibility movements and a relaxing recovery. Take a deep breath; you’ve just completed the best workout ever.