Our Fallen Hero 5k + Race-day Tips

SPENGA is so excited to be a sponsor of this year’s Our Fallen Hero 5k in honor of PFC Aaron Toppen taking place on Saturday, September 26. Not only will we be helping to sponsor this event, we’re also rounding up Team SPENGA to take on this run. We know you all can ride, rep, and revive…but can you run, too? If you’re interested in joining Team SPENGA for this 5k, you can speak to someone at the studio next time you’re in, or you can call 708-995-1489 to get more information. So, we’re here to help you be fully prepared for this race. Check out these helpful hints to help you get ready for the day of the Our Fallen Hero 5k!

Get lots of sleep

Try to get as much sleep as you can at least two nights before the race. Since pre-race jitters tend to be at their worst the night before the big race, it’s important to have as much energy stored up from the previous night.

Eat a good breakfast

On the day of the 5k, eat a simple, high-energy breakfast. Oatmeal with fruit, a bagel with peanut butter, or an English muffin with jam and a piece of fruit are all good options. Be sure to drink plenty of water, as well.

Warm up

Take an easy jog for 5-10 minutes in order to prepare your body for the race.  Also, take the time to stretch any tight muscles as well.

Arrive early

Allow yourself enough time to use the restroom, scope out the area, and get to the starting line. Race day can be very hectic, so keep it stress-free by allowing yourself extra time. An added tip – gather all of your necessities the night before. Don’t forget your bib and/or timing chip!

(All tips from active.com, runnersworld.com and shape.com!)