Spenga Mokena
19626 LaGrange Rd
Mokena, IL 60448

Join us at SPENGA – Mokena for the best. workout. ever! Our boutique fitness studio, conveniently located at 19626 LaGrange Road, showcases a one-of-a-kind 60-minute sweat session. Our workout format features 20 minutes of Spin, 20 minutes of strength training, and 20 minutes of yoga – all led by a SPENGA trainer. Are you ready for an unrivaled fitness experience in Mokena, IL? Stop by our studio today!

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Heather’s always had a passion for fitness and staying active. Growing up, she was a competitive runner and swimmer, and even went on to earn a 2nd degree black belt – hold the wax on, wax off jokes.

She helped create SPENGA and has been a personal trainer for over 15 years. As an instructor, Heather will lead you through an unrivaled fitness experience, and motivate you to change your mind and body.

When Heather’s not at SPENGA, she’s busy creating her foundation focused on youth activity, or hanging out with her husband and two kids – who don’t own a video game system, but do own a giant trampoline and buckets of sports equipment.

Amy N

Amy’s been in the fitness industry for over 12 years and knows the secret to staying fit is making it a lifestyle. That’s why she makes sure to balance her favorite pasta dish from Frankie’s Ristorante with a heart-pumping SPENGA session.

Her love for all types of fitness led her to help create SPENGA. As an instructor, Amy creates a high-energy atmosphere. Her contagious enthusiasm will change how you feel about fitness. She’ll push you harder through every ride, rep, revive and ensure you get the best. workout. ever.

When she’s not at SPENGA, you’ll find Amy rollerblading with her chocolate lab, Bailey.


Samantha’s worked in the fitness industry as a personal trainer, group fitness instructor and manager for over 10 years. She strives to make every workout fun, challenging and efficient. She might even dance during your SPENGA session! Her goal is to help clients reach their weight loss or fitness goals with sustainable, balanced and healthy lifestyle changes.

When Samantha’s not at SPENGA, she loves to spend time with her family and friends, especially her fiancé, John, and her new baby, Emma. She also enjoys trying new restaurants and listening to live music.

Amy S

Amy’s a full-time teacher and has taught P.E., Health, and Driver’s Ed for 13 years. She loves the SPENGA concept because it combines all of her favorite elements of fitness – including TRX and yoga.

When she’s not at SPENGA, Amy can usually be found hanging with her husband, her dog, Bruiser, and her friends. She also coaches golf and softball, so she tries to be outside as much as possible. If Amy could live anywhere, it would be Colorado so she could be closer to the mountains.


Michelle has over 11 years of experience in fitness, wellness and nutrition. She is passionate about living a healthy lifestyle while encouraging others to do the same.

As a SPENGA instructor, Michelle will take you through an intense workout, motivating you along the way to push yourself to new levels!

When Michelle is not working or teaching SPENGA, you can find her traveling the world with her husband. She loves seeing new places and trying new foods, hence why fitness is so important to her. She also loves to cook and make healthy recipes taste delicious.


Jen developed an enthusiasm for fitness during her college years, and has been instructing a variety of fitness classes ever since! She’s a communications director by day, and hopes to show her clients that having a busy schedule doesn’t mean you can’t stay fit, too.

Jen’s goal is to provide a workout that is achievable but challenging for all fitness levels. She hopes you’ll leave every SPENGA session energized and re-committed to your fitness journey!

When she’s not working or teaching an awesome SPENGA session, Jen loves to cook and spend time with her family and her two dogs (who, of course, count as family)!


Jastine has an eclectic background in musical theatre, and yoga, and she’s not done yet! She is also currently pursuing a Master’s Degree in Occupational Therapy. She loves being an instructor, because it allows her to encourage exercise for longevity and good health, motivate others to achieve their wellness goals, and balance the body with variations of movement. SPENGA provides all these things by allowing people the opportunity to work on the heart, muscles, and mind. Jastine leads her classes with high energy, laughter, and occasionally busts out some dance moves.

When she’s not at SPENGA or school, you can find Jastine with her family or spending way too much time in the aisles of Whole Foods. She can’t wait to see you in class!


Kim started instructing in 2001 while attending the University of Illinois in Champaign. She’s had experience teaching most formats and holds certifications in Group Fitness, Personal Training and Step Aerobics (remember that?!) Kim especially loves the 20-minute concept of the SPENGA format; she feels it’s the perfect amount of time to challenge yourself through each section. She also sees the importance of stretching, and thinks Yoga is a great way to continue your workout and increase your flexibility.
When she’s not working or teaching, you’ll find her being active outside or relaxing at home with her fiancé’ and two cats, Oscar and Stanley. She’s also a beer aficionado and can be found attending some of the beer fests around the area…or the ones she throws in her own backyard!


Anna’s had a passion for fitness and has been working at SPENGA – Mokena as a front desk manager for over a year. After completing multiple certifications, it’s finally her time to shine and grow as an instructor. Her mission is to have a positive impact on others by pushing them past their comfort zone and towards a strong and healthy lifestyle. However, Anna’s plans do not stop there – she hopes to have her own SPENGA franchise after college! She truly believes SPENGA is the best. workout. ever!

When Anna is not teaching or managing at SPENGA, you can catch her cuddling her dog while eating a smoothie bowl. She is a full-time student at Lewis University working towards her B.A. in Sport Management with a minor in Marketing.  If she could live anywhere, it would be Arizona because she absolutely loves the warm weather and mountains.